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Kuroyanagi Enzan's Life Report
The "Kuro"yanagi ISN'T MEANING BLACK!
i think i'm coming down with a cold/fever/flu. woke up this morning with a sore throat, runny nose and a mild headache. walked around the office. doing nothing much. just rechecking some paperwork. did nothing at all with the whole repairing stuff. serving some customers. bla bla bla. ran back a lil bit early today. my boss was just about to ask me to re-re-re-key in paperwork into the computer (first it was checking second was onto paper now computer? I DID IT 3 TIMES!! WTF!? meh. the systems changing anyway..)

Now... Random thoughts.. I'm always wondering about english and the way it's constructed sometimes.
when one says "I'm coming down with XXX" means they're having a disease and it's usually bad..
When another one says "I'm coming up with XXX" is usually used for good things like ideas(well.. some of them are good..)
And when the last says "I'm coming"... it's a different thing all together..(both with the "o" and the "u")

Link of what i'm looking at~! :
http://www.onemanga.com/Eyeshield_21/251/06/ (omg sauna.. now if the cameras are just a wee bit lower..)
http://www.onemanga.com/Eyeshield_21/240/02-03/ (TELL ME YOUR EYES ARE NOT SNAPPED ON TO HIS CROTCH!?)
http://www.onemanga.com/Eyeshield_21/259/08/ (omg cbt?[cock and balls torture])
*spurt nosebleed*
That's all folks~

Edit. Ever felt when you watch porn with some corny lines? Does that give you boner kills? coz it sure does for me.
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Virus Busting!
Urgh. Today was a lil' bad. Just so some of you may know, I was suppose to be an engineer/technician but my boss moved me towards the front desk to deal with the stocks and stuff. it's not all that bad. i don't have to sit behind and do all the repairing and soldering. The bad part is, i don't get to learn much. meh. all i did all day was re-arrange some stuffs and do some excel work. nothing much aside from that.

Oh and here's the fun part. My boss seems to won some extra money from the share market and he treated all for lunch. Cool I guess. I enjoyed it. (though to be honest he actually owe me some money so in turn i paid half of what i ordered already. :* ) He also ordered for me a cuppa espresso. (which the cup was so small... i think it would be smaller than the length of your pinky finger. Not to mention i felt MORE sleepy the rest of the day)

Now... here comes the weird and kinky part. Today, the brother of my boss came for a visit.. When they sat opposite each other.. is it bad that my brain just automatically locked on to the term incest?

Oh and one last thing.. Charge up a capacitor and zap it on yourself.. feels fun.. and tingly.. and weird.. (to both me and my groin. >.> ) [my boss did that to me today and i was BONED!!! >< ]

p.s. : http://www.liquidgeneration.com/Media/Animations/Weird_Random/Random/Hulk_Smash_Energy_Drink/

*twitch twitch*

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Virus Busting!
Ah~ today working was tiresome. Nothing much happened except i kinda got one of my colleague scolded though. felt kinda sorry for it.. Aside from that.. i got zapped due to some careless-ness. Felt good.. though my hand got drained of energy.. Bleh.i guess you could say i'm "wired". haha.

Anywayz..(i see to use this term alot nowadays.. @_@) I had a dream this morning, I dreamt i was arguing with my dad so bad i grabbed the kitchen knife.. @_@ i woke up before "killin" him though.. still it's kinda weird.. @_@

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 *brush brush* Ooooh~~!! *scrubba scrubba* ~I am the genie from magiland and I can grant you anything~~~ OMG REALLY!? ~No i'm just kidding.. i just can return you your privilege of using LiveJournal again~  Oh...

Anyways~ It's really been awhile since i last wrote anything on this thing.. (last i checked was 72 weeks.. that's.. 2 years? wow... was i really missing for that long?) Just so you know, Malaysia's school systems works something like this :  when you first enters a college/polytechnic or stuff like that, there will be a certain time of studying and then you'll leave school for a short while/semester to work and gain some experience before continuing the course again. (this is just a small info for those who live in the states or canada since i got the info you guys don't have this kind of system running there [if this is mistaken... *stares at a particular feline*]

and WHY am i writing all this down? well, in case you missed the hint, i'm already at this point in my course. and i have to work for 6(SIX!!!!) whole month... bleh.. that just proves it.. i'm lazy.. lol...

Anyways.. just so you guys know, i'm studying electrical electronic engineering majoring in computers (which i'm not particularly interested in.. but.. this "was" the only thing that i could choose from with a high chance of me getting into any college at chance. So now i'm working in a small company nearby. Oh and i hafta write in a small lil book i have about most of what i do during work.. so.. i might as well write something here.. except of course this being a lil' bit more detailed (lol i just wrote "tail" omg i'm such a furry lol~) and more pervy goodness... (me thinks?) 

Oh. and just so you guys know.. I'm playing this game called DotA which you can find at :- http://www.dota-allstars.com/index.php
From random time to time i might speak something about it.. so.. if you guys don't like it.. DEAL with it~~ Chu~ <3 
(you know.. that "3" part looks like a butt sideways)

P.S. tell me if you play DotA anyways.. I wana try playing with people out of my group~~

Oh and i've just started playing Phoenix Wright. (Hah I'm slow) since i just got a working NDS EMU and all (HAH I'm Cheap!!) and here's what I found..


Everyone.. you are pleased to scream..
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